Welcome 2018


So here it is. 2018.

For my first project in 2018, I figured it would be a good idea to make something I can focus on for the rest of the year. I have decided I really want to focus more on making more art. Just for the fun of it. Just for me. (Custom orders are still welcome, I just want to do a bit more of what makes me happy, than what I think would make other people happy.)

I decided to embroider my focus words and go from there. Once I had a font picked out, I simply transferred it onto my fabric, and off I went.

I played around with a few beadwork designs, but none of them I really liked. After a bit of thinking and stepping away, I figured out I wanted it to have a wee bit of a vintage touch. Like those vintage, printed handkerchiefs. Remember those?

So I pulled out my pastel pencils and went to town. I will have to get fixative next week.

I really like it and hope it will help me focus on making the art I love to make and then some.

I also have decided to get started on my Project Love project. I am going to try and take a photo of a heart every single day this year. Here is my very first one. 365 days of love! Wish me luck!! ❤

Warm mittens

I really love these pretty Scandinavian and Latvian mittens. With their overall patterns and pretty colours. I simply HAD to have a pair for myself. However, I never really liked the pointy tops, so mine got a very non-traditional, rounded top.

I charted a polka dot pattern that was inspired by one of the traditional mitten patterns I found online, then went to town. I had to rip back quite a few times, because I was not paying enough attention to what I was doing. On one of those rip back detours, it occurred to me, that the spots look a little bit like the barnacles that grow on whales. That had as a result that I just had to make striped thumbs, to mimic the chin area of humpback whales. Presto! Whale Mittens!

I even lined these bad boys! They are super warm!!!!!

The dark gray yarn is one of Baah yarns, the light gray and the green yarn I used for lining is from The Fibre CO. The light gray I think is from their  Canopy line. I remember the little olive branch looking thing on the label, however, I have no idea which one the green one is. Sorry. I received them as a thank you for helping with a bit of translation.


All three yarns were a joy to work with!


Book review: Design your own crochet Projects


I recently received this book from the publisher for review.

This book came so totally on time! My son just picked up his crochet hook again and is determined to make his sister and brand new brother in law some presents.
So my son and I reviewed this book together.

We both agreed, the patterns were quite nice. It had a few unisex and a scarf for men . Super plus points on that! Sometimes the gents in our life get overlooked in pattern books and not every girl goes wild over ruffles and lace. This book manages to have a nice mix of things.

We also both agreed that we hate spiral binding on books. Specially on workbooks. The pages can rip out so easily, specially if you use them often, which this book, with it’s pretty projects does encourage. This book is spiral bound with a spine. Which means the book has to lay open at all times, you cannot just flip the pages around to the one you are working on. I just wish they had never thought of spiral binding for books. *sigh* but that is just a personal pet pieve and should not distract from your enjoyment of the book.

As an experienced needle woman, I found the book easy to understand and the instructions easy to follow. My son on the other hand, who is a beginner, had a bit of a hard time with it on his own. So I think I would recommend this book for an intermediate beginner. I definitely think this is something every crocheter should try though!
I love the freedom this book gives to it’s readers. Having learned how to knit and crochet without patterns as a child, I am a big supporter of go for it and design your own needle art dreams! There is nothing wrong with a stunning pattern, but sometimes you have this idea and can’t find anything matching out there. That’s when it comes in handy to be able to make your own pattern.
I would recommend this as a must have in anybody’s crochet library. Once you know the formulas, there will be no stopping you!

Book review: Stitch Camp


I recently received this book for review from the publisher.

Let me start off by saying I love books like this. Something that helps us to pass on the crafts and teach the next generation. I collected the Better Home and Garden Needle craft books for a while. The projects being so wonderfully outdated in the ones from the 70’s.
Stitch Camp is a wonderfully updated version of these vintage books. The projects are simple, but teach the basics of six different needle arts. Sewing, Knitting, Crochet, Felt, Embroidery and Weaving.
I think I will actually have to adapt the little backpack for grown up use. It is too cute.

The instructions are clear and easy to understand and come with photos. All the samples for the book were done by children, which gives the book a very exuberant, happy and somehow a confident air. It certainly makes the projects suggested feel much more approachable.

I think if you are a Grown up with little ones to teach, but time, or distance won’t let you, this book would be a great help. Even if you have the time, I think kids would appreciate having a book around to look up things on their own.

Thank you so much for putting an awesome, fun book like this together! Future generations of needle artists are guaranteed!

First day of Fall


img_1676-e1506144781695.jpgI adore fall. It’s my favourite time of year. The air is crisper, the light is softer, the heat is gone, but the beauty is just starting. My husband and I are going for a lot of walks lately. I found this really pretty leaf with the three holes on one of those walks. I picked it up and stuck it behind glass. As pretty as any piece of art. Now it hangs in my kitchen, by the electric kettle.

I feel myself wanting to get cozy inside. With a new couch, specially a pallet couch, there is a whole lot of decorating to be done. No photos of the couch yet, as I still have to make the cover for the seat cushion. I am, however, working my way through making cushions for it.
Lately I have had a soft spot for crochet cushions. Heart shaped ones in particular. I looked on pintrest, for some inspiration and found it in droves!

In the end, I just made it up as I went along and now I am refining the pattern.

I think it turned out quite cute.

Here are some photos. Some of them are with the new bathroom rug under the pillow. I am still working on the rug. I am quilting it by hand, because my machine is having issues with it. The other background is a new, hand knitted blanket. I knitted it on the diagonal, with only leftover bits of neutral coloured yarns. I still have to sew in the ends, hence no photo of it either. Once that is done, and I have put a backing on, then I will make an extra post for it.

How do you celebrate the start of Fall?

Nesting bowls


It’s going to be fall soon. I am so looking forward! I just can’t stop myself from getting rid of the summer and making the house more cozy for the coming colder days.

Last night I got rather restless again, so I made these nesting bowls. I want to make some more and really felt them all the way.  I do like the way these came out though.

I made them up as I went along. There are a ton of crochet basket patterns out there, if flying by the seat of your pants is not your thing. If you really like the way these came out, I will write a recipe of sorts and post it here in the next few weeks. Just enough time to make a bunch of these as gifts!

A Rose is a rose

Hello! ❤

This little rose came home with me as a rescue. At first I thought it would not make it, but then it scraped around the corner and was on the way to being spectacular. Then I  noticed those little white mite thingies on it. I cut off what I could and washed the rest with lukewarm, soapy water. I hope that takes care of things with a few more applications.

In the mean time, the poor rose was hanging about pretty listlessly. I figured maybe if I make something that gives the whole thing a bit more structure? So, I made the little twig ladder. I love it! But it needs something?

Well I have wanted to get my collection of vintage mother of pearl buttons out and seen a bit more, so I jumped on the chance.
Vintage Mother of Pearl without lace? Are you quite mad????? NEVAH!

So the little banner came about.

It’s kinda cute and will have to do until I can come up with something better lol

I hope I have that pest problem under control now. My poor little plant.

How do you deal with indoor plant pests?

Have a great rest of the week everybody! ❤


Milk Street Magazine

I have recently gotten a subscription to Milk Street Magazine from Munchkin Sandwich, USA for my husband. He loves cooking magazines/

I found the website clean and very easy to navigate. The layout is rather engaging as well. So I was curious about the magazine.

Well, it finally arrived!

The magazine itself has a very nice, no none-sense, almost a bit old-fashion feel. Very laid back and front porch. I adore that! It gives me the feeling of enjoyment, and time well spent. I know, weird, but there you have it.

The articles are rich and straight forward. Nobody needs to impress. We are all here to have fun. This approach really makes the recipes pop. I have not finished reading all of them, but what I have seen so far is a must try soon. The photography is sweet, and definitely has a vintage feel, but with a modern twist. Not Lucky Peach, but equally great in a different kind of way.  An all around enjoyable experience.

So glad I found Milk Street Magazine. We will be subscribers for sure.


P.S. I did not get paid to do this review. I did get the magazine subscription for free, but from a website, where everybody could get one at the time.

Hummingbird and Magnolia blossom

A super sweet friend asked me, if I could draw a hummingbird and a magnolia.
Why, yes. I can!

It was fun!

The photos turned out a bit washed out, but I think you can still tell. I am definitely no photographer lol

Happy Sunday!
B ❤



IMG_20170823_154701Something new got done. I am quite happy with it actually.

This little girl is available. Please contact me, if you would like to give her a good home.

Also: check out 1340 Art. It is an international art magazine. It’s actually pretty cool. I had not heard of it previously, but they asked me to submit something. Floored me and made me super happy! I did submit something. This doesn’t mean they will use it, but hey! I am still super happy about even being asked! Because YAYYYY!

Well, on to the next adventure!

Have a great Wednesday, everybody!

B. ❤